June 2018
Preceptis Medical Closes Series B Funding

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August 2017
Announcing First Patient Enrollment Hummingbird® TTS Office Study

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June 2017
Following the FDA Drug Safety Warning — the Hummingbird® TTS enables an alternative to general anesthesia for ear tube procedures for children.

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June 2016
Preceptis Medical Embarks on a Limited Launch of the Hummingbird® TTS Ear Tube Delivery System.

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Plymouth Sun Sailor
A Simpler Surgery

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Minnesota Business Magazine Announces Preceptis Medical as Winner for its 2015 Leaders in Health Care Award

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KSTP Channel 5 News: Plymouth Company Prepares to Change Ear Tube Surgeries Nationwide

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Preceptis Medical Named One of 10 Life Science Alley’s Winners for 2014 New Technology Showcase

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Preceptis invited to exhibit with ten other winners at the Life Science Alley (LSA) Conference on November 19th at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The event is sponsored by the Mayo Clinic where they partner with LSA "to introduce some of the latest technologies to members of the life science and health care communities..."

Companies were selected based on the novelty of their technology, its market potential and its ability to improve patient outcomes while lowering per capita healthcare costs...

Wall Street Journal (excerpt)

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Effort Seeks to Reduce Ear-tube Surgeries for Small Children
By Sumathi Reddy

Parents of young, otherwise healthy children fear them like the plague: ear infections ... Contributing to a desire by doctors and parents to avoid surgery are concerns about the use of general anesthesia in young children. Researchers and doctors are exploring devices that would enable ear-tube procedures to be performed using alternatives. Preceptis Medical, a Plymouth, Minn., company, is testing a device, the Hummingbird, that used nitrous oxide instead of general anesthesia in clinical trials at four sites, including the Mayo clinic ... Randall Flick, director of the Mayo Clinic Children’s Center. Said his and other studies show the risk seems to occur after multiple exposures.

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05/14-21/2014 (Combined Otolaryngology Society Meeting)
COSM Conference - Las Vegas, Nevada

First Place/Blue RIbbon – poster presentation honor from the Triological Society, in the pediatric division (Received by Preceptis Medical and the University of MN and Children’s Hospitals of MN)
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Frank Rimmel, MD – TRIO (Triological Society) Poster Presentation at COSM

Clinical Trial of a Single-Pass Tympanostomy Tube Insertion Device for Use in the Uncooperative Child, Frank L. Rimell, M.D., et al., Department of Otolaryngology, University of Minnesota; Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota


KSTP Channel 5 News: Minnesota Entrepreneur Awarded 'Minnesota Cup'

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Twin Cities Business: Minnesota Cup Names 2013 Grand Prize Winner Of $65K

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Preceptis Medical, Inc., is a med-tech start-up that is developing surgical tools designed to reduce pain and surgical time during ear-tube procedures. And this week, it was named the grand prize winner of the 2013 Minnesota Cup competition and awarded thousands of dollars and free professional services to help further build its business . . .

Minnesota Cup Awards

What could be the next big business idea in Minnesota was given a big boost at the annual Minnesota Cup Awards Wednesday.

The Minnesota Cup is a statewide entrepreneurial competition that awards prize money to some of the top projects in the state. Out of more than a thousand people when the competition started, it came down to just one top prize winner. Preceptis Medical of Plymouth took home $65,000 dollars. Their product allows for ear tube procedures in kids to be performed with reduced pain and surgical time.

Preceptis CEO Steve Anderson says the money will help take the project to the next step. "We're getting ready to do our next round of financing, we think it's going to provide a lot of cache and affirmation of what we've been able to accomplish."

The Preceptis ear device is currently being tested at the University of Minnesota, and they hope to have it in Doctor's offices by 2014.

Over $200,000 was awarded by the Minnesota Cup judges this year.

Minnesota Cup names Preceptis Medical, Inc. as best breakthrough business idea of 2013

2013 Grand Prize Winner News Release

The Minnesota Cup will open again for entries in its tenth year, in March 2014. For more information, please visit


Preceptis Medical is Winner of 2013 MN Cup, Life Science & Health IT Division

Preceptis Medical, Inc. has been selected as the winner of the Life Science & Health IT Division of the Minnesota Cup, an annual entrepreneurial competition with over 1,100 entrants in 2013. The final competition for the grand prize award will be held on 11 September 2013, with the awards ceremony being held from 5:00 - 7:30 pm at the McNamara Alumni Center at the University of Minnesota. During the final competition, Preceptis will competing against division winners from Energy & Clean Tech (Garden Fresh Farms), High Tech (When I Work), General (Kidblog), Social (Minnesota Valley Action Council), and Student (ShedBed).

Greater MSP, a program which features important and innovative Minnesota business ideas, highlights Preceptis Medical, Inc.


The Hummingbird TTS Ear Tube Delivery Study closed at 285 patients treated. The device was cleared by the FDA for children, with moderate sedation.